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  • Why Choose HID Headlights?

    This is the most common question asked by customers and the easiest one to answer. In short with HID headlights you can actually see at night! We find this to be the number one reason customers are looking to upgrade to a HID Conversion Kit. HID headlights are up to 400% brighter than the standard halogen headlights found in most vehicles. Our research as well as independently supported studies show people have trouble seeing anything at night when using the standard factory equipped headlight system. Not sure how safe that is. What we do find is once a customer installs their new HID kit it transforms their night driving experience. Once installed it is hard to imagine how you could have ever driven without HID Headlights. Your new HID headlights virtually turn nighttime into daytime and makes street markings and signs come to life. No more straining to read the street signs as well as other traffic safety devices with HID's.

    Not only do HID's offer the great added benefit of more visibility at night but HID lights also consume much less overall energy while operating than a standard halogen bulb. This lowers the amount of total energy needed to actually use your headlights which saves on gas as well as helps to be more Green!

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    Find your vehicle and buy your hid kit by vehicle
    Find your vehicle and buy your hid kit by vehicle
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    Find your vehicle and buy your hid kit by vehicle
    Find your vehicle and buy your hid kit by vehicle
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  • Halogen vs. HID Headlights

    HID Headlights vs. Halogen Headlights

    The light produced by our HID Xenon Headlight Conversion Kit will give you a more "even" spread and better penetration, as well as much improved contrast and reduced eyestrain. This provides a much cleaner light pattern that covers more area, allowing you to easily see objects beside the road approaching it, ensuring a much longer reaction time.

    This increased visibility is great for any and all drivers, young or old. Reflectors from road traffic signs, cat-eyes, and vehicles in front of you are picked up at much longer distances, giving you those vital "extra" seconds to react. Our HID Headlights are a much needed upgrade for any car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, etc. Let the pictures speak for themselves and order your new HID conversion kit today!

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