880 HID Xenon Replacement Bulb Set

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  • Model: 880 HID
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  • Sizes: 880, 881, 893
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If you are looking for the brightest and longest lasting 880 HID Xenon bulbs then look no further! Here at HID Auto Vision we are known as one of the industry leaders in bulb heat color quality and output. Our premium quality HID bulbs produce great color displacement while maintaing the maximum brightness possible. Universal adapters and connectors allow you to use our bulbs with any current kit you may have. You can shop with confidence knowing our bulbs also come backed by a free one year warranty. Click the reviews tab above to see what other customers had to say.


  • True plug-n-play HID/Xenon bulbs
  • Safe for headlight and fog light, won't melt the housing and runs cooler than stock Halogen bulbs.
  • Brighter driving vision at night (improves visibility by 300%)
  • 3X brighter than Halogen bulbs.
  • Fits into existing headlights or fog lights, no modification or retrofitting required.
  • Bulb lifespan of 2 to 5 years.
  • Waterproof connectors and grommets.
  • Our HID Xenon Kits come with a 12-month warranty covering factory defects.


  • 880/881/896 Single Beam
  • 35 & 55 Watt Digital Slim Ballasts
  • 35 & 55 Watt Canbus Ballasts 
  • All Other manufacturer's Ballasts! 
  • All Heat Colors 3000K, 5000K, 6000K, 8000K, 10000K, 12000K, Pink, Purple, Green

Package Includes:

  • 2 x Premium 880 Single Beam HID Xenon Bulbs

Product Warranty

This product comes with a standard one year manufacturers warranty. This warranty is provided by HID Auto Vision. HID Auto Vision will deal with the manufacturer for warranty claims. All warranty items must be called into HID Auto Vision prior to shipping to receive an RA number. HID Auto Vision will not accept any warranty items without an RA number. HID Auto Vision will then test items to determine fault. Once determined to be faulty items will be replaced and shipped to customer free of charge. HID Auto Vision is not responsible for any improper installations of their products. Please ensure all products are installed by a professional. If a warranty item is found to be defective due to improper installation HID Auto Vision will not warranty.

What do you mean by heat color?

Color temperature is a characteristic of light that is sometimes misunderstood as brightness, when it's more closely related to cool and warm color tones of light. While cool and warm are words used to describe a light's temperature, it is not how it gets its name. The term temperature when referring to light comes from the idea that there is a black body object that absorbs all wavelengths of light. This theoretical object that you can't physically see is what generates light when it is heated. The black body becomes exited and begins to essentially expel light radially. As the temperature reaches around 1000 degrees Kelvin (a measurement scale invented by Lord Kelvin) the black body becomes visible in the red end of the light spectrum. As it's heated the light color changes towards the cooler tones. So the term color temperature refers to the color that is associated with the amount of heat needed to produce a color. These cooler tones emit a brighter light that is very useful when making automotive headlights because it increases visibility and thus safety.

3000K - True Yellow

Produces a golden yellow tone ideal for fog lamps

5000K - Pure White

Produces a warm white tone similar to that of a factory color

6000K - Cool White

Produces a cool white tone with a very light hint of blue (Most Popular)

8000K - Medium Blue

Produces a medium blue color tone

10000K - Deep Blue

Produces a rich deep blue color tone

True Purple

Produces a true purple color tone

True Pink

Produces a true pink color tone

True Green

Produces a true green color tone