How Do I Measure the Voltage on my Vehicle?

Follow Steps Below to Check for Correct Ballast input voltage...

  1. Unplug your vehicle's factory harness from the halogen bulb or hid adapter wire so that the pins inside the plug can be accessed.
  2. Turn your low beam, high beam, or fog light switch to the on position so that power will be flowing through the plug.
  3. Take out your volt meter and turn it on for DC voltage. Ensure it is on a 20 volt or high scale to ensure 12V can be read.
  4. Put the red wire from your volt meter into one of the pin holes in the factory harness. Put the black negative wire to the frame of your vehicle.
  5. Read the output on the screen. The normal reading range should be 9v - 14.5v. As a rule if it is over 13.7v and the HID lights are shutting off you probably need a resistor

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