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Here you will find Recent News items related to HID Auto Vision products and installations. Helpful information including tech support tips, recommendations, product explanations and more can be found here. This page is directly linked with our blog for the most current up to date releases.

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What is the difference between 9004 and 9007?

9004/9007 Pin Configuration... A very common question we receive is "What is the difference between a 9004 and a 9007 bulb?" The answer is a 9004 and 9007 use the same base style which is why they are often listed and sold as 9004/9007. Your bulb size is what determines the bulb will fit and lock [...]

Single beam bulb connection identifier

Bulb Connection Identifier... Often times customers will say "Your bulbs look just like the ones I have now but what are the extra wires I see?" The answer is those extra wires you see are the adapter wires. Most customer recognize the bulb connectors since those are probably all you had to disconnect to remove your current [...]

How do I decide which kit or ballast option to choose?

Ballast Comparison... With so many kits and ballast types to choose from it can sometimes be hard to determine which one you may want or need for your vehicle. Below is some helpful information on the differences between each series of ballasts we carry. This is designed to be a general information reference guide. Compatibility can [...]

HID Kit Accessories - Uses & Recommendations

HID Accessory Breakdown and Recommendations One of the most common questions we receive from our customers is... "How do I know what accessories I need if any"? Tech Team Response: When it comes to HID accessories there is no generic answer. The need for accessories can widely vary between vehicles. Below you will find a description of each [...]

Can't find headlight bulbs for your 1996-1998 Lincoln Mark 8?

1996-1998 Lincoln Mark 8 HID retro fit kit...I'm sure if you have made it to this blog you are one the many customers who have been searching high and low for a 9500 HID Replacement Bulb for your 96-98 Lincoln Mark 8 with factory HID. Well chances are you haven't been able to find one [...]

Choosing Your Heat Color

A few things you may want to know before choosing your heat color One of the most common questions we receive from our customers is... "How do I know what heat color to choose"?  Tech Team Summary: Color temperature is a characteristic of light that is sometimes misunderstood as brightness, when it's more closely related to cool and warm [...]

2014 Kia Optima

2014 KIA Optima HID Conversion Thinking about upgrading your factory halogen bulbs in your 2014 KIA Optima? Listed below is some helpful installation tips for your vehicle as well as accessory recommendations. This information has been provided by HID Auto Vision Customers and or developed in field testing by our technicians.  Tech Team Post: Symptom: Minor flickering and [...]

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