What is the difference between 9004 and 9007?

9004/9007 Pin Configuration...

A very common question we receive is "What is the difference between a 9004 and a 9007 bulb?" The answer is a 9004 and 9007 use the same base style which is why they are often listed and sold as 9004/9007. Your bulb size is what determines the bulb will fit and lock into your headlight. The only difference between the two is the pin configuration in the connector as shown below. Our bulbs by default come pinned for a 9007. If your vehicle requires a 9004 bulb size you may be required to relocate the pins within the connector.

9007 Connector Pin out 9004 Connector Pin out

Below is a internal picture of the connector. Remove the pin from the connector by pushing down on the lock tab (pictured left). To depress this tab you will need a pin punch, tweak screw driver or other fine point tool. You can access the tab from inside the connector (pictured right).

Pin Removed on 9004 9007 HID Bulb Connector Removing Pins on 9004 9007 HID Bulb Connector

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