Why Choose HID Headlights?

This is the most common question asked by customers and the easiest one to answer. In short with HID headlights you can actually see at night! We find this to be the number one reason customers are looking to upgrade to a HID Conversion Kit. HID headlights are up to 400% brighter than the standard halogen headlights found in most vehicles. Our research as well as independently supported studies show people have trouble seeing anything at night when using the standard factory equipped headlight system. Not sure how safe that is. What we do find is once a customer installs their new HID kit it transforms their night driving experience. Once installed it is hard to imagine how you could have ever driven without HID Headlights. Your new HID headlights virtually turn nighttime into daytime and makes street markings and signs come to life. No more straining to read the street signs as well as other traffic safety devices with HID's.

Not only do HID's offer the great added benefit of more visibility at night but HID lights also consume much less overall energy while operating than a standard halogen bulb. This lowers the amount of total energy needed to actually use your headlights which saves on gas as well as helps to be more Green!

Another major benefit of HID Headlights would be the heat dispersed by the bulbs while operating and when lighting. HID bulbs produce much less heat than halogen bulbs produce while operating. The myth that HID bulbs burn your headlight assembly or fog light assembly is really not due to HID's overheating compared to halogens. The reason that this can sometimes happen is due to not enough clearance inside the assembly. HID bulbs are typically at least an inch longer than your standard halogen bulb. In some rare cases where space is an issue it could cause the bulb to be too close to the plastic lens cover causing melting or burning. A halogen bulb would burn much worse if they were that long. This is why halogen bulbs are so short compared to the actual space inside the lens. Due to the fact that the HID bulb produces less heat it can usually be a bit longer with no issues. With that being said it is a very rare occurrence that the headlight or fog light will not have enough space to fit the HID without burning or melting especially the headlight application. The other common way that an HID bulb could burn or melt is if it is installed crooked. This can cause the base to melt where it meets the assembly. The halogen bulb would cause the same issue if installed incorrectly as well. This is one of the many things that perpetuate the myth that HID's produce more heat. Check out the blog for “Top 10 HID Headlight Myths” to see more on these common HID kit myths.

HID headlights have many key benefits when compared to your standard halogen system and make a great upgrade for any vehicle. We offer the highest quality HID kits with the best heat colors on the market. Most customers agree that once they have HID headlights they will never go back to the standard halogen bulbs. More visibility at night helps to increase your reaction time and overall safety while driving.

Please note that on some vehicles especially trucks your Headlights need to be adjusted to point downward once HID headlights have been installed to ensure that your are not causing glare for oncoming traffic or vehicles you are behind. If the beam pattern goes to high up adjusting the headlights down will correct that and ensure other drivers do not flash you for being too bright. It is not that they are too bright, it is they shine higher up than a halogen would due to the difference in the way and HID disperses light compared to a halogen. Always be courteous of other drivers on the road.

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