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Articles with tag: Reverse Polarity

Introducing HID Auto Vision's HID Help. Here you will find information about installation of HID kits and bulbs as well as common tech tips, common purchase questions, and general HID knowledge. We strive to provide our customer's will all the necessary information to ensure a smooth transition to HID headlights.

How Do I Reverse Polarity on My HID Kit?

Reverse the polarity...

Here you will find step by step instructions on how to reverse the polarity from your vehicles factory harness to your hid kit. Most vehicles come with the positive and negative wires inline with our connects however there are some vehicles where this positive and negative wire is reversed thus needing to be reversed going into the hid kit.  This is the number 1 most common issue with hid kit installation. The symptom will be that neither headlight turns on at all when the headlight switch is activated. There will be NO flickering, turn on shut off, or ANY other symptom other than completely NOT turning on if the issue is reversed polarity.

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